Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Drawing on Brautigans

I like to draw on the covers of my books sometimes. Here is a copy of Brautigan's "The Abortion" I drew upon a bit over a decade ago. Rachel Bowman gave me my first Brautigan in high school and it turned me on to "alt lit" for lack of a better catchphrase....opened the door to Kerouac, Bukowski, Vonnegut, Surrealism, Gonzo journalism, Donald Barthelme, Kenneth Patchen.....all of whom helped begat....pLopLop. Thanks to Dr. Magical for reading Brautigan & reminding me of how great lit gets even better when readers talk about it.


mperfect design said...
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mperfect design said...

sorry about that delete. . ..

i am actually reading a Brautigan right now. . .. .and an thank you to (glucose and) dr Magical for the turn on to RB in the first place... ..

geniuswaitress said...

just visited this for the first time. i'm reminded how much i have enjoyed your portraits over the years - and I still have all my old PLopLops. It made me think that perhaps for my students' poetry workshop you could teach the kids how to illustrate their poems too. i've been to illustrator's workshops (david diaz), where he taught us how to draw like him in a few minutes (of course, we couldn't do his schtick per se, but it was cool for us not-so-artistic folk) - i think they'd dig it.

see u soon. thanks for the art:)

christie c